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By Stewart Dental
May 28, 2015
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InvisalignDental patients around the country love Invisalign because of its simplicity and effectiveness at straightening the teeth. But in order to get Invisalign braces you first have to be evaluated by an orthodontist. Only select patients with relatively minor cosmetic problems are good candidates for Invisalign. Get an idea of what usually qualifies a patient for this popular braces treatment, which is offered at Stewart Dental, a popular Rockwall TX dentist office.

Your Overall Dental Health

One of the considerations that your orthodontist must take into account before starting you on Invisalign is your general dental health. Before your teeth are shifted with an orthodontic treatment, they should be healthy, strong and infection-free. If you have cavities, abscesses or dental infections, that should be taken care of before getting Invisalign. 

Your Cosmetic Issues

Another consideration that your Rockwall TX dentist Dr. Ronald W. Stewart will evaluate before suggesting Invisalign is the cosmetic issue that you want to correct. Patients who have serious orthodontic issues are usually best suited for traditional braces. But if you have a minor problem, like gaps or slight crowding, Invisalign might be just right for you. Also, age is a consideration—patients who are teenagers or older are the best candidates for invisible aligners.

Your Commitment to the Treatment Plan

Unlike metal braces that are secured to the surfaces of your teeth and can’t be removed, Invisalign braces can be taken out at will. Your dentist Dr. Ronald W. Stewart will inform you of the importance of keeping them on as much as possible for the fastest and most effective results. You have to have the commitment and discipline to wear your aligners daily. You should only take them out briefly to eat and sparingly in social situations.

Ask Stewart Dental

The best way to determine if you’d be a good candidate for Invisalign is to make an appointment at Stewart Dental in Rockwall, TX. This practice is committed to providing personalized oral health care that meets your unique dental needs. Call the office today at (972) 771-9559 to schedule a consultation. 

By Stewart Dental
May 19, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Let’s say you’re traveling to Italy to surprise your girlfriend, who is competing in an alpine ski race… and when you lower the scarf that’s covering your face, you reveal to the assembled paparazzi that one of your front teeth is missing. What will you do about this dental dilemma?

Sound far-fetched? It recently happened to one of the most recognized figures in sports — Tiger Woods. There’s still some uncertainty about exactly how this tooth was taken out: Was it a collision with a cameraman, as Woods’ agent reported… or did Woods already have some problems with the tooth, as others have speculated? We still don’t know for sure, but the big question is: What happens next?

Fortunately, contemporary dentistry offers several good solutions for the problem of missing teeth. Which one is best? It depends on each individual’s particular situation.

Let’s say that the visible part of the tooth (the crown) has been damaged by a dental trauma (such as a collision or a blow to the face), but the tooth still has healthy roots. In this case, it’s often possible to keep the roots and replace the tooth above the gum line with a crown restoration (also called a cap). Crowns are generally made to order in a dental lab, and are placed on a prepared tooth in a procedure that requires two office visits: one to prepare the tooth for restoration and to make a model of the mouth and the second to place the custom-manufactured crown and complete the restoration. However, in some cases, crowns can be made on special machinery right in the dental office, and placed during the same visit.

But what happens if the root isn’t viable — for example, if the tooth is deeply fractured, or completely knocked out and unable to be successfully re-implanted?

In that case, a dental implant is probably the best option for tooth replacement. An implant consists of a screw-like post of titanium metal that is inserted into the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure. Titanium has a unique property: It can fuse with living bone tissue, allowing it to act as a secure anchor for the replacement tooth system. The crown of the implant is similar to the one mentioned above, except that it’s made to attach to the titanium implant instead of the natural tooth.

Dental implants look, function and “feel” just like natural teeth — and with proper care, they can last a lifetime. Although they may be initially expensive, their quality and longevity makes them a good value over the long term. A less-costly alternative is traditional bridgework — but this method requires some dental work on the adjacent, healthy teeth; plus, it isn’t expected to last as long as an implant, and it may make the teeth more prone to problems down the road.

What will the acclaimed golfer do? No doubt Tiger’s dentist will help him make the right tooth-replacement decision.

If you have a gap in your grin — whatever the cause — contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation, and find out which tooth-replacement system is right for you. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Dental Implant Surgery” and “Crowns & Bridgework.”

By Stewart Dental
May 18, 2015
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